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I've always been fascinated with mother nature and the stories she tells us though nature. Whether it's Sunrises, Sunsets or nature in the woods, she gives us a new picture of our earth every day!   

A New Series that is in progress, which shows not only the old but also the young generations of who we are. Our lives in what we do, and who we are lie in our hands.

I started doing this series as a way to show people how the American working class built America. This series has abandoned buildings that show us what life was like back then.

I have always been intrigued with sunlight and trying a way to capture the light within my shots, especially Barns. This series shows "capturing light" in its best stage!

Working Class: This Series is to show us how the American working class built America.  Exhibit: Naugatuck Public library, in CT

Our Natural World: This series shows us what mother nature can produce on a daily basis. Exhibit: Southbury Public Library, in CT

Capturing Light: This series shows us light being captured of barns in morning to evening light. Exhibit: Woodbury Public Library, in CT



*The 2012 Silver Gavel Award*

160 + awards on "Sky Branches" on Flickr

 over 220 + awards worldwide

Artist of Month of May, and September

Daily and other monthly awards on Instagram.



**THE WORLD CUP OF PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2014 ~~~ The Lone Winter Tree Photograph


*The Litchfield Magazine 2011 November Issue* (Where Summer is Stored) 

Litchfield County Times - July 3013

*Litchfield County Times - Whole Month of August 2013* (Cover Page and Center pages)

The Waterbury Republican Newspaper - 2013  

*The Passport Magazine* - 2013

Happening in the Hills - online for the moth of September 2013

International Photography Features: Istanbul, Turkey